Berkley Roofing & Building Solutions Ltd are specialists in Flat Roofs. From small leaks to major repairs and replacements our experienced team deliver excellent results at very competitive prices. We offer four different ranges and types of flat roofing services. You can pick one to suit your needs and budget.

Torch On Roofing

This includes two layers of modified bitumen membrane. Each layer is about 3 to 4 mm in thickness. Both these layers are joined with the help of a propane torch, used for heating the surfaces. A thermo fusible plastic surface is created by using the top surface of the base layer and the bottom surface of the top layer.

Torch On Roofing

GRP stands for Glass Reinforced Plastic, which is extremely strong and long lasting. The main benefit of deploying GRP lies in the fact that it is seamless and joint-free. A fibreglass roof does not just enhance the appeal of your house, but we guarantee that it will be free from any kind of leakages or getting rotten up. At the same time, it is equally easy to clean and maintain this kind of a flat roof.


We have four different kinds of asphalt roofing. Each kind is prepared with the help of heating and blowing with oxygen. The more is the time taken to complete the creation process, the higher is the melting point of that asphalt. Asphalt BUR is composed of many layers of reinforcing piles and asphalt forming water proofing layers. To increase reflectivity, gravel is the most commonly used substance that is mixed with asphalt. The roofs constructed from this preparation are very often termed as Asphalt and Gravel roofs.

Built Up Felt

Such systems include one standalone component, a rubber based bitumen compound. This compound is used to form a strong, yet flexible enough, surface, which is thick and waterproof as well. This surface has the ability to stick and form a strong grip with any surface, either vertical or horizontal, of good condition. Using such systems, we guarantee no water will collect beneath the membrane.

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